Started Shopping for a New Home

Aug 18, 2016


Started Shopping for a New Home

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We have started looking around for a new house. The one we have now was always going to be a temporary solution and things have changed. I bought the place right after I graduated from TCU, with a great deal of help from my grandfather. He gave me about half of the money I needed for the down payment and told me to consider it an early inheritance. It was not that much really, because the house is tiny and it is out in the country. I am exercising the power to choose right now, trying to figure out which of the electrical providers is going to be the best choice in the house that we are looking at. So far we have not been able to close the gap between what the seller wants us to pay for the place and what we can actually afford to pay him. I do not know if he thinks that we can go up, but we are really telling him what we can afford.

The big thing about this house is the location, especially for Junie. If you climbed up on the roof you would be able to see the middle school where she is teaching now. You could literally walk there in about four or five minutes if you went through the woods and across the ball fields For me it is not nearly that close to my job, but I could jump in my pick up and get to the shop in around twelve minutes, which is about two thirds as long as it takes now. Of course that is better and I would not mind getting a few more winks before the alarm clock started blasting every work day morning. Mostly we need more space since we have kids now.

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