Got Transferred to Portland Starting Next Month

Apr 27, 2016


Got Transferred to Portland Starting Next Month

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I got home today and started to put together a check list of things which I really need to do. My boss just offered me a pretty good promotion to assistant manager of one of the locations in the Portland area. So I need to get out of the lease on my apartment and try to get someone to take over the lease. Then I need to go look at apartments in portland or. It is pretty easy for me to think about that, but then I need to get my cable bill transferred to a new place. I am stuck in one of those long term deals with them, I got this thing where they bundled all of the services including my wireless phone bill, my cable internet and cable tv.

It is pretty easy for me to figure out whether or not an apartment in Portland is going to have that same internet service provider available and I am pretty sure that they will. I just do not know how hard it is going to be for me to talk the ISP into letting me change my address. It says on the web site that there is nothing to it, but of course I just do not really believe what they say to be totally honest. No one advertises their red tape when they are trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. They do not tell you that it is going to be like pulling teeth to get a real person on the phone, that would not be a sound business practice I am guessing. I am not sure at all what I will do with my boat. Right now I just leave it parked at my Dad’s place, but that was a few miles from where i used to live.

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