Are We Going to See Real Changes

Aug 15, 2016


Are We Going to See Real Changes

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It’s easy to take for granted the quality of our Internet connection when you live in a developed urban environment. A good friend of mine recently moved out to the middle of absolutely nowhere and much to his chagrin discovered that he literally only had two options for access; dial up and satellite Internet. He decided to give dial up a shot before switching over to satellite which turned out to be a fairly pointless experiment. Web 2.0 has burdened the web with bloated nonsense even for a simple browsing experience. With the number of advertisements reactive web design, dial-up is only reasonable if you plan on using e-mail.

With access to the web through satellite you might be able to reach decent speeds for both download and uploads; comparable even to broadband access. Unfortunately with a satellite connection you’re going to be limited severely due to data caps. What this means is if you plan on binging on some of your favorite shows in high definition on Netflix, you’re most likely going to experience having your Internet speeds throttled after you stream a specific amount of data. It’s a ridiculous notion here in 2015 and we can thank our federal government for giving the broadband providers as much control as they have.

This isn’t the free market. There’s nothing free about this market when the current companies are able to control the industry as they do by paying off local government officials to pass laws which prevent competition. This should be completely illegal but here we consumers are having to deal with this sort of nonsense. Hopefully with the recent FCC changes and new rules that are supposed to prevent this sort of gaming the system we will begin seeing real changes. The pessimist in me highly doubts that this will actually happen.

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