Apr 27, 2016


Got Transferred to Portland Starting Next Month

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I got home today and started to put together a check list of things which I really need to do. My boss just offered me a pretty good promotion to assistant manager of one of the locations in the Portland area. So I need to get out of the lease on my apartment and try to get someone to take over the lease. Then I need to go look at apartments in portland or. It is pretty easy for me to think about that, but then I need to get my cable bill transferred to a new place. I am stuck in one of those long term deals with them, I got this thing where they bundled all of the services including my wireless phone bill, my cable internet and cable tv.

It is pretty easy for me to figure out whether or not an apartment in Portland is going to have that same internet service provider available and I am pretty sure that they will. I just do not know how hard it is going to be for me to talk the ISP into letting me change my address. It says on the web site that there is nothing to it, but of course I just do not really believe what they say to be totally honest. No one advertises their red tape when they are trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. They do not tell you that it is going to be like pulling teeth to get a real person on the phone, that would not be a sound business practice I am guessing. I am not sure at all what I will do with my boat. Right now I just leave it parked at my Dad’s place, but that was a few miles from where i used to live.

Apr 26, 2016


Lawyers and Mass Marketing for Mass Tort Campaigns

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There are lead generation businesses for just about any sort of marketing you do. Every industry has a favorite for where it gets is customer leads. Some leads are strictly to get visitors to websites. Others may be to get addresses for mailed campaigns. You may need leads for conferences or other gatherings. There are even lead generators for lawyers who are involved in mass tort for MTMP. Being an attorney can be big business. That is, if you can grow your client list. Sometimes there is money to be made by putting your firm out there to represent a mass client list such as for a pharmaceutical connected with serious adverse events and death. You need to reach the maximum amount of people in the country to let them know that you are offering representation.

Sometimes a well-tailored Facebook campaign can work wonders for getting leads for a mass tort. Facebook is used by a lot of people. These people are the consumers who are using the products that get recalled or connected with serious adverse events. Some people have been harmed and are not even aware that litigation is in process or being considered against the maker of the product that has caused them harm. Reaching mass audiences with a niche search parameter is not impossible. It only takes a team of experts to figure out how to design the campaign to make it easily findable. Plus, you want clients to find your mass tort marketing campaign and not the ones your competitors are trying to set up.

There are all kinds of firms that are great with SEO and other things to get your company, product, brand or service in the top results of search engines. However, mass tort is highly competitive, and it is a whole different ballgame to be at the top when people search for a product or concern for a product that you are representing clients for in litigation. Pick a company that specifically works with attorney campaigns for mass tort marketing.

Feb 3, 2016


Sign Up with DIRECTV for a Wonderland of TV Options

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Have you ever been clicking through your TV channels and thinking that there has to be something more? Surely you have, everyone gets to that point at a certain time in their life. The same old boring show after show after show. What if there were options though? The options of 3D TV, upwards of three hundred fifteen TV channels, and two hundred plus HD TV options. Got your attention, doesn’t it? To start your journey to better TV viewing, go to http://www.directstartv.org/ now.

When you choose DIRECTV, you will have access to so many TV channel options, your remote won’t be used to the attention it is getting! Not only will there be upwards of three hundred fifteen channels for you to watch, but there will be copious amounts of HD channels right at your fingertips. You will even step into the future with 3D HD viewing if you so wanted. There are many different packages to choose from as well to fit any financial budget!

Another amazing feature about DIRECTV is that if you have more than one TV in the household, like most families today do, you will be able to share your package among all the TVs in the house. What about other devices used to watch shows and movies though? Do you really think DIRECTV would leave you hanging? Not at all! For tablets and smartphones, there is the DIRECTV app that can be used to watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime.

At the moment, http://www.directstartv.org/, is having a special. Packages are starting at $19.99 and if you snag the deal, for three months you can enjoy premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz for free for three months! So long as you live anywhere in the United States, you will be eligible for any of DIRECTV’s insanely great deals.

There’s not much to debate. If you love TV and you love having access to all your favorite shows when you want to watch them, DIRECTV will be your go to service provider. There are so many options for you to choose from, and you can view them all at http://www.directstartv.org/.